Rider Protection Pads

Designed for Gaps on the Rider Protection Rail System

Horsemen’s Track and Equipment, Inc. has introduced a Rider Protection Pad that can be adhered to all gap joints to further enhance the system.

The neoprene pad is 22″ square and has an industrial Velcro strip glued on each end. This makes it easy to open and close the gap.

The supplied kit includes the pad and vinyl glue to apply to the back side so the track crew can install on a gap in minutes. No rivets or screws needed.

All that the crew has to do is wipe off the rail surface; remove the Velcro backer; spray the glue to the Velcro; apply to the gap joint; apply pressure for 30 seconds and then let glue dry for 8 hours!

Each 22″ x 22″ pad comes with Velcro applied and glue to complete the project. Note that each 20′ swing gap requires three (3) pads.

Additional protection pads are available.