Heavy Duty Track Packer

Heavy Duty TrackPacker™

During the years of servicing pari-mutuel tracks and training tracks, there has not been a piece of equipment available that could keep the track cushion material to a consistent and acceptable degree of compaction until the development of the Heavy Duty TrackPacker™.

The Heavy Duty TrackPacker™ not only rolls and compacts the cushion material, but also helps to eliminate cuppy and uneven spots. The Heavy Duty TrackPacker™ is a MUST to seal racetracks before rain, which allows water to sheet off the surface instead of pooling on the base of the racetrack.

Horsemen’s Track and Equipment, Inc.’s Heavy Duty TrackPacker™ was designed with a ballast directly over the wheels, permitting twice as much downward pressure on the pneumatic tires.

The Heavy Duty TrackPacker™ is in service at most major racetracks in the United States and abroad!