New Products

Equine Medical Transport
Horsemen’s Track and Equipment and SCTrailers have joined forces to create the most advanced equine ambulance in the world. The Equine Medical Transport unit offers several unique features that set it apart from other equine ambulances on the market!
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Magnetic Rake
The Magnetic Rake and Track Conditioner are innovations designed to make the racetrack surface safer. The magnetic bar picks up unwanted nails and metal debris. This debris could cause much harm to both horses and jockeys. Some metal pieces recovered have the potential to blind a horse if propelled by another horses hoof. Metal can also cause career ending foot injuries. This innovation is just one more way Horsemen’s Track & Equipment Company helps make your track as safe as possible.
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Rubber Post Pads
Rubber post pads are the newest safety addition to our rail systems. These pads are produced from a high-performance, highly engineered synthetic rubber compound, increasing durability in outdoor conditions from:

• UV Exposure
• Extreme Temperature Shifts
• Humidity
• Water
• Ozone
• Airborne Pollutants
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Rider Protection Pad
Horsemen’s Track and Equipment, Inc. has introduced a Rider Protection Pad that can be adhered to all gap joints to further enhance the system.

The neoprene pad is 22″ square and has an industrial Velcro strip glued on each end. This makes it easy to open and close the gap.

The supplied kit includes the pad and vinyl glue to apply to the back side so the track crew can install on a gap in minutes. No rivets or screws needed.
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Telescopic Boom
The Telescopic Boom is another safety product designed to keep horses from going the wrong way around the racetrack out of the chute.
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