Magnetic Rake

Safer Racetrack Surfaces

The Magnetic Rake and Track Conditioner are innovations designed to make the racetrack surface safer. The magnetic bar picks up unwanted nails and metal debris. This debris could cause much harm to both horses and jockeys. Some metal pieces recovered have the potential to blind a horse if propelled by another horses hoof. Metal can also cause career ending foot injuries. This innovation is just one more way Horsemen’s Track & Equipment Company helps make your track as safe as possible.

This equipment will last a lifetime if properly maintained. It is manufactured from solid reinforced steel and is top quality.

A balinium copper scrapper was developed for easy removal of the metal on the magnetic bar. Using this magnetic feature requires almost no additional man-hours to your maintenance routine.

Magnetic bar is available separately and can retrofit existing conditioners or harrows.

Track Superintendents have been amazed at the amount of metal picked up at their racetracks by our magnetic device. They never imagined the quantity of metal found and the size of some pieces.

The 14’ Rake has two rows of tines on a three-point hitch arrangement. Features 166 tines in the two rows.

The Magnetic Track Conditioners are available on our 8’; 10; 12’; 14’ and 16’ models.